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WordPress Care Plans

How much could you lose if your website goes down for an hour? A day? A week?

Why take the risk when it’s this affordable to avoid it? With Ellie and her team, you will never need to urgently find someone trustworthy and capable who can fix it. We become experts of your website and know it inside and out to prevent problems before they happen.

Keep your website working for you 24/7 with a care plan from Rove Consulting.

Just like your car or house, your website requires maintenance to stay safe and continue working. If not, it will break down and make it harder to repair later. Preventative care is the key to the longterm success of your business’ website.

Effective website maintenance is like preventative care. Without it, your website will break down, causing your potential customers to seek a competitor. It requires a strategy with fail-safes and routines to be sure your website is always showing its best side for only $3/day.

Starting at only $97/mo

White label and agency rates are available, which include fully managed client dashboards and support ticketing systems with your brand.

bozeman web design wordpress website development rove consulting
bozeman web design wordpress website development rove consulting

Your Website Professionally Managed by an Expert

Being a website expert isn't your job, but you need your site to be expertly managed so it continues to drive new business. Protect your investment and never worry about your website again. All the hard work is managed with a custom website care plan created for your business to keep it live, safe from hacking, updated, and running smoothly for your potential customers.

Bozeman Montana WordPress website care plans for ongoing maintenance and support for your website

Never get stuck trying to fix your website again by having a retainer plan add on.

You have a business to run, but it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the online tasks you need to manage. My clients love my recurring retainer. Just send me what you need, ask me questions, or jump on a meeting and I'll walk you through it. I'm your go-to expert so you don't have to waste hours of your time to try to figure it out or try to find someone to hire when something comes up. Everything from creating and editing graphics for your website, print, or social media to SEO and personal coaching. If you need ongoing support, this option is the best way to be sure you always have someone to call on short notice to fix it all for you.

bozeman web design wordpress website development rove consulting
bozeman web design wordpress website development rove consulting

WordPress Website Maintenance: Are you protecting one of your most vital investments?

Most websites are never maintained. This is a huge problem for your business. When something goes wrong, you need help to get it fixed ASAP and that's the biggest benefit of a care plan. You always have someone to call that is familiar with your website and can get it fixed so you don't lose any potential customers.

Unfortunately, every website is vulnerable to hackers through bots finding weaknesses in your website to exploit. They often break in by finding out of date plugins or themes.

You may not even know it, but soon your website will crash, share private information, or suddenly become blacklisted by Google since many hackers secretly use your email to send out spam. I see hacking attempts on the websites I manage every day, but I have premium tools in place to stop them and keep your website secure.

Ready to protect your investment?

You invested to have a website that helps your business continue to profit. Protect it with a preventative care and maintenance plan so it continues to do so for many years to come.

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