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I couldn’t have had a more positive experience working with Ellie. When we started working with her, it was because we knew we needed to completely revamp our website. Ultimately, her role ended up becoming so much bigger. Ellie was not only able to identify the weak points and brainstorm a wide variety of solutions, she was specifically thinking of the company’s mission and long-term goals from the first moment working together. At no point did it ever feel like she was doing just a job. She was committed, passionate, thorough, and by the end of a week had a forward-thinking strategy for our web presence that went well beyond our original ambitions.

Not only is Ellie meticulous, skilled, and up-to-date with the latest in web design principles, but she is also a pleasure to work with. She communicated well and brought out the best in the team I had working with her. Today, our website, marketing approach, and brand strategy is based on a foundation that Ellie Hays of Rove Consulting set up. Even now, as we continue to reap the benefits of an outstanding website, she is available for any questions or issues my company has.

I highly recommend her to any business, even if you’re not even sure what you need specifically yet. She’ll help you see your situation more clearly and pave a path forward. Thank you for your incredible work!

Justin Cohen, CEO
NuView Treatment Center - Los Angeles, CA
I love working with Ellie. We needed to overhaul our website and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. When we first met, I instantly knew she was the right person for the job. She researched us ahead of time and really understood our brand (you’d be surprised at how many people don’t). Our site was outdated, slow, and built on an inferior platform. After meeting to go over some site improvements, Ellie put a plan together and moved us from Divi to Elementor and we haven’t looked back.

She took the time to walk us through the changes and even created Loom videos for future reference. With our previous site, I couldn’t make changes without breaking it. Now, it’s so much easier to make updates and build new pages due to the way she set it up. She even created templates that make it easier for us to build out new pages which has been a huge time-saver as we continue to add more franchise units. Ellie is attentive, empathetic, resourceful, thorough and responsive. I can shoot her a question and get an answer almost instantly, which is huge for a small company like us. I couldn’t recommend her more.
Ellie has had a pivotal role in the success of our businesses over the past several years. She implemented each one into a fully functional and well designed website. Our investors appreciate easily finding the information they need.

We're often on a time crunch with urgent changes in order for investors to see what we offer, and she's understands this and provides quick turn around time. Ellie has been on our team since 2013, which has helped us tremendously by having someone who knows all our businesses extensively and can provide knowledge and insight across all our platforms as well as provide a cohesive experience for our prospective clients. Her work continues to be serve our overall success. I can't recommend her highly enough.
bozeman web design wordpress website development rove consulting
Marcus L’Estrange, Executive Director
Mining Investments – Perth, Western Australia
Working with Ellie was a pleasure. We may pick up a phase 2 in a few months, so I would recommend her for providing web site design with WordPress. She met and exceeded my expectations.
My old logo and website wasn't conveying the message of all that we offer to our clients, and I knew it needed to change. We needed rebranding, including a new logo and a modernized website. Even though Ellie was the highest bid for the project, after speaking with her, I trusted that she understood what I needed better than anyone else, and that she would take it above and beyond and not settle for average.

I was impressed by how quickly Ellie got to the essence of my business and what I wanted to convey to the world. Within a matter of weeks, she designed a site that I’m very happy with and sets my business apart from the others. Many of my clients have provided feedback saying that our new website is memorable and unique from all the other websites they see in my field.

When we login, it's easy to use and make updates to our listings. I decided to go with the monthly care plan to be sure that our site is always running smoothly and I don't worry about anything going wrong with my website. Whenever I need a new update the site, Ellie is very responsive to requests and available to make changes as needed. Highly recommended!
bozeman web design wordpress website development rove consulting
Anthony Tansimore, CEO
Blueridge Advisors, LLC – San Francisco, CA
I got to know Ellie Hays of Rove Consulting while I was performing a search for a rebranding of the Austin, Tx based funk and soul band Honey Made. I decided to hire Ellie, and that was the best decision I ever made. Even though I contacted her with less than two weeks before our single release show, she was able to get our landing page published so fans could sign up for our newsletter at the show, which was fantastic!

She also took the time to come to our show and get to know the band. Coming to the show certainly informed her website design. She came up with a very creative and standout design that people are raving about. She also made it very easy with her technical knowledge and getting things done without me having to get to deep into the technology.

As I look back on the project, I could have used one of the DIY templates but now realize the website would look like all the other websites designed with that template. We now have a website that stands out and is uniquely designed for Honey Made. A big thank you Ellie Hays and Rove Consulting!
Working with Ellie was amazing! Her attentiveness to details, punctuality, and unique skillset were driving factors in the success of our project. Thank you Ellie!
When Ellie created a new site for me, I was amazed at how beautiful and effective a site could be. In a short time, she transformed my online presence from what had been stodgy and boring to my new site which is light, inviting and wonderfully engaging.

Her instincts for both design and business savvy were right on throughout the build. I'm so thankful that I found her and I strongly recommend her to any business that wants to transform their online presence.
I'm delighted with Ellie's work on our restaurant's website for Salvador Molly's. She took our old website and turned it around after we previously had hired a different designer that didn't meet deadlines and was extending the project over time and over budget.

Now, the new website Ellie made for us is perfect! Our new website is dynamic, attractive, easy to use and update, and really works well. Our diners can find what they're looking for quickly and easily and we've already seen a 400% increase in signups to our newsletter since the relaunch. Best of all, the little flourishes she added that make it exciting and memorable compared to other restaurant websites. Definitely worth the investment!
If you are a service-based business owner, you know that your website is one of your most important assets. If you are like me, you've had a difficult time finding a web designer that can really make it happen. After wasting thousands of dollars and time on previous designers, I found Ellie on the internet. The first thing I did with Ellie was to express my concerns that I've had with previous designers, and she assured me she was different. I decided to take a chance and let her completely rebuild my website, and build a new website for one of my other companies.

Two weeks later, she had both websites complete that were significantly better than the previous. For a reference, the website that she rebuilt initially took three months by another designer. Not only did she rebuild it in a fraction of the time (she often stayed up until 1 am working knowing that I had a deadline) ... she was able to reduce the number of plug-ins, add features to increase sales, and made it easier for me to make my own changes. That's another thing that is really unique about Ellie - she will actually teach and educate you in the process so you don't have to rely on her for small things in the future, thus saving both of us time and money. I cannot say enough good things about her. My only regret is wasting so much money on other designers when I could have used those resources with Ellie and had a great experience. The investment that you'll make in Ellie will pay for itself in a very short time. I know it has for us. Thank you for the "WOW" experience, Ellie!
Ellie was easy to work with start to finish. She identified the issues I wanted to be handled as well as other underlying problems I wasn't even aware of and solved them quickly. She was very responsive and hopped on the phone to talk through a few things I didn't quite understand.

We'd primarily dealt with cheaper designers in the past but ran into problems communicating or having to wait days or weeks for updates. We didn't have a great vocabulary for talking to a designer and Ellie was willing to try a variety of options to respond to our feedback. She also went above and beyond to try to solve a particular issue around the presentation of our bios- she clearly cares a great deal about satisfying her clients and if a solution isn't obvious she will work to figure out new options for you. I will happily work with Ellie again. Highly recommend her!
bozeman web design wordpress website development rove consulting
Joshua Phan-Gruber
Hunt & Gather – New York City, NY
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